The acceleration programme under which we are looking for entities to cooperate with in the development of innovative solutions.

About the accelerator

The TAURON Group acceleration programme is dedicated to entities operating in areas incorporated into four portfolios of the Strategic Research Agenda:

Customer and its needs, Smart Grid Services, Distributed Energy, Low-Emission Generation Technologies.

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We are searching for entities with whom we will undertake cooperation under the development of innovative solutions allowing to expand the current offer of TAURON Group companies by new products and services but also affecting the improvement of production processes and provision of services already offered on the market.

The support under the programme is possible owing to the cooperation of TAURON Polska Energia S.A. with other companies constituting TAURON Group.

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CVC Fund

Entities wishing to obtain capital support for the development of their solutions may receive financial support from the CVC fund co-founded by TAURON Group. TAURON, in cooperation with the Polish Development Fund and the National Centre for Research and Development, has established the CVC EEC Magenta investment fund. The CVC EEC Magenta Fund, co-funded by TAURON, operates under two programmes: PFR Starter FIZ and PFR NCBR CVC. The entity responsible for fund management is EEC Magenta Sp. z o.o., a company independent of investors.

PFR Starter FIZ

Financing under PFR Starter FIZ: investment in projects at an early stage of development in the broadly understood energy industry, environmental protection, clean technologies and material engineering. Besides financing amounting even to PLN 3 million, EEC Magenta offers, among others, a possibility of testing its products and pilot implementation within the infrastructure of the partner - TAURON Group, as well as a possibility of using a wide base of contacts.
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EEC Magenta finances projects of companies at the growth stage, whose first commercial sale of products or services took place no longer than 7 years ago. Support is addressed to teams that create innovative solutions in the energy sector, clean technologies and material engineering. The value of the fund is PLN 160 million, and the maximum co-financing for one project amounts to PLN 26 million. As a company belonging to the EEC Magenta portfolio, it can also benefit from the knowledge and experience of the fund management team, which can be proud of its activities, among others, in the Silicon Valley.
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Accelerator support

TAURON support is available to entities whose solutions are at least at Technology Readiness Level 7 (TRL 7).

Depending on the specific nature of the solution offered, its innovativeness and technological advancement, TAURON Group foresees various models of cooperation. They enable evaluation of the operation of the solution in real conditions, its further development, offer the opportunity to implement and use the tested solution under the activity of a TAURON Group company.

The main support within the framework of the programme is a possibility of testing the solution under the guidance of dedicated substantive experts on the infrastructure of the TAURON Group company which has been made available.

Selection stages

Evaluation and examination of the application form by experts

Presentation of the solution to TAURON experts

Supplementing documents at the request of the accelerator


Pilot testing